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just some experimental writing for one of my OC verses (same as this guy, though he is not exactly directly involved in this), nothing to see here, doot doot.

(even in the context of said OC verse, this is generally not supposed to make a whole lot of sense, if any at all.)

Title: Dal segno al fine.
Word count: 1,486
Summary: refrain (noun) : 1. a regularly recurring melody, such as the chorus of a song; 2. a much repeated saying or idea; 3. the principal, recurrent section of a rondeau.

D.S. al fine instructs the musician to repeat back to the sign, and end the piece at the measure marked fine. )
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wow has it really been a whole dang year since I last updated this thing LET'S FIX THAT

uh yeah so. I started writing this thing as a character study? and then it ran away from me .-.a hm. aaand then I feel like it also kind of fell apart at the end, but ahaha well. it hasn't been super closely proofread or edited just yet, but right now I'm open to any suggestions or feedback on improving it, and then maybe I'll post it to my writing journal when I feel it's up to scratch.

Title: Deconstructed
Word count: 1,472
Warnings: talk of blood and very mildly graphic violence
Summary: Sophia Byrne has made a phenomenal mistake.
Notes: concerns characters from the Grand Grimoire original verse!

For as long as she could remember, Sophia had always known that her mother’s husband was not her true father. )
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look, it's a post that didn't have to be imported or crossposted!

now excuse me as I roll around in my shiny DW journal

like a big brand new fluffy bed that is just begging to be broken in


(my apologies, Plurk and Tumblr both have ruined me for making longer, more thoughtful and introspective and not completely worthless posts. oh well!)
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Title: Pathetic Fallacy
Word count: 3,042
Warnings: non-graphic violence
Summary: In Orion's older days, Auster and Konrad are assigned to exterminate a powerful Gray.
Notes: Not exactly a follow-up to C728K, but this concerns the same characters and is set some time afterwards.

Chi sarà? Chi sarà? E come sarà giunto— Che dirà? Che dirà? )
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Of course not! There's no air up there!
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Title: Understanding
Word count:2,942
Warnings: (non-graphic) talk of flaying, some probably xenophobic thoughts on behalf of the viewpoint character
Summary: A young witch has certain expectations of her guard. It's exactly as things should be.
Notes: Not really a sequel or follow-up, but another story set in the same world as this piece and centered around some of the same characters. (Also the same world of origin as [ profile] feycarved I'm RPing over at [ profile] ilpromenade, for those who care.)

Once the meeting was dismissed, Sophia knew she had to act quickly. )
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I'm not sure what (if anything) I'm going to use this for, but here it is anyway—another infopost detailing some aspects of another one of my OUs.

Peoples of the Cyclic Realm )
Mythology/Religion of the Cyclic Realm )
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The use of completely inappropriate cut text continues.

Title: Ascension (2/?)
Word count: 2,340
Warnings: brief allusion to sex?
Summary: Buer and Konrad both reflect on their respective situations.

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Basic reference material for AIMRP logs or whatever else I write that happens to be set here. Might add onto this over time.

Anchor: the Inter-Universal Metropolis )
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Posted previously on this journal, but now tweaked to fix some problematic phrasing and characterization (since Kyron is no longer a just-a-placeholder character).

Title: Ascension (1/?)
Word count: 3,348
Warnings: none for now
Summary: The Dark Regenerist's first day on his own.
Notes: semi-sequel to C728K.

Oliver Twist is my homeboy. )


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