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New journal layout, not really new default icon! this calls for an updaaate

⇁ feels like every single time I try to write something these days, I get stuck on one little snag that just ruins my motivation all over. arghghgh. Despite this, am still going to try and get some fanfic knocked out.

⇁ school has started again, and with it comes another snowpocalypse. BIG SURPRISE, AMIRITE hahaha but seriously it looks like there is just an impenetrable white mist outside my window right now, sob just go away already

⇁ Kanye's latest album is actually pretty good, y'all. More old news, I know, but it's on my mind at the moment so lol whatever

⇁ impulse apped Gabranth to Il Promenade, though I've yet to see how this will turn out; if all goes well, though, I plan on taking one of my OCs there. In other RP-related news, I need to stop being lazy and finish up the goddamn log post already (and make a new one, at that). ... crap, and I'm supposed to be working on that RubyQuest RP too FFFFUUUUU


The New, Improved Character Survey of Doom ~ Bifrons )
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Welp, I'd say it's about time I made a new post. Let's see, quick rundown of the past few weeks. )

And some other notes that come to mind. )

Also, one final message to all you ulti people/anyone else who might have recently friended me - I tend to do a lot of memes. Like, a lot. You have been warned.
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...that I'm currently having with, to date, one of my oldest works.  It holds a very special place in my heart, mostly due to the fun my partner in crime cohort best friend Ari and I had in creating and writing it, and I still use the world as canon for my RPs and other writing.

A little background (in case someone really is reading this): Somewhere around the summer of '03, Ari and I toyed with the idea of (super!hawt lol) space invaders coming to Earth in search of a bride for their king.  The link above shows what came of that idea.  What it does not show is the sprawling plot outlines, character profiles, and soap-opera convolutions that were constantly being added and expanded upon.  Only three chapters were actually written, but I can safely assure you, o non-existent reader, there were plans for much, much more.  At any rate, it was all good fun, and I still look back on those times with fondness in my heart.

However, looking back on the actual story (and its content), circa 2003, I sincerely can't help but flinch.  Much of it has been updated/fixed for the purpose of RPing, but virtually everything else remains just as it was five years ago.  To put it simply, it doesn't meet any of my current standards as a writer.

Of course, I realize that everyone has experiences like this; nobody likes to look at what their younger selves thought was 'good' or 'cool.'  But, with my RPs, I feel that I've put myself into an odd situation by having this 'universe' disproportionately developed, with only the 'important bits' having been reworked and the rest left to stagnate.  So, in the interest of salvaging/reworking the rest of this mess, I'm going to run down the biggest problems I have with this work, for which I really want to slap my 12~13 year-old self.

Cue tl;dr list-cum-rant. )

As mentioned previously, there are certain areas of this universe I believe I've developed pretty well in more recent years (mostly concerning the deities that work it, and the Order of Horus).  But I'm still frustrated with myself for letting the rest of it sit around for so long without doing something decent about it.

I'll have to keep working on it.  I'm not sure when I'll find the time, but I'm definitely adding it to my to-do list.

Good lord, it took me a good two hours to write up this post.

I need a life.


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