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New journal layout, not really new default icon! this calls for an updaaate

⇁ feels like every single time I try to write something these days, I get stuck on one little snag that just ruins my motivation all over. arghghgh. Despite this, am still going to try and get some fanfic knocked out.

⇁ school has started again, and with it comes another snowpocalypse. BIG SURPRISE, AMIRITE hahaha but seriously it looks like there is just an impenetrable white mist outside my window right now, sob just go away already

⇁ Kanye's latest album is actually pretty good, y'all. More old news, I know, but it's on my mind at the moment so lol whatever

⇁ impulse apped Gabranth to Il Promenade, though I've yet to see how this will turn out; if all goes well, though, I plan on taking one of my OCs there. In other RP-related news, I need to stop being lazy and finish up the goddamn log post already (and make a new one, at that). ... crap, and I'm supposed to be working on that RubyQuest RP too FFFFUUUUU


The New, Improved Character Survey of Doom ~ Bifrons )
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Yes, I did another one. I've been slowly working on it over the past week or so, though I guess it's kind of fitting to finish it right after the last post in this journal.

I'm sorry. :'|

The New, Improved Character Survey of Doom ~ Artemis )
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WVU-Pitt basketball game was last night. I didn't go (lol class), but everyone's heard all about it.

What the fuck.

How did we go from being nationally commended for our classiness at the UConn football game to being looked down upon for shit like this? Way to go, guys.

Anyway, meme time! )
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Welp, I'd say it's about time I made a new post. Let's see, quick rundown of the past few weeks. )

And some other notes that come to mind. )

Also, one final message to all you ulti people/anyone else who might have recently friended me - I tend to do a lot of memes. Like, a lot. You have been warned.


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