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New journal layout, not really new default icon! this calls for an updaaate

⇁ feels like every single time I try to write something these days, I get stuck on one little snag that just ruins my motivation all over. arghghgh. Despite this, am still going to try and get some fanfic knocked out.

⇁ school has started again, and with it comes another snowpocalypse. BIG SURPRISE, AMIRITE hahaha but seriously it looks like there is just an impenetrable white mist outside my window right now, sob just go away already

⇁ Kanye's latest album is actually pretty good, y'all. More old news, I know, but it's on my mind at the moment so lol whatever

⇁ impulse apped Gabranth to Il Promenade, though I've yet to see how this will turn out; if all goes well, though, I plan on taking one of my OCs there. In other RP-related news, I need to stop being lazy and finish up the goddamn log post already (and make a new one, at that). ... crap, and I'm supposed to be working on that RubyQuest RP too FFFFUUUUU


The New, Improved Character Survey of Doom ~ Bifrons )
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IT'S FINALLY MOSTLY DONE. Now when people ask me what the hell I did with all my free time over the summer, I'll have something to show them! /SOBS EVERYWHERE


⇁ Because I feel like it, TIME FOR A MEME:

Pick one of your characters and one of mine and I'll give you 5-10 facts as 'written' by my character about yours.

Muselist is here, but feel free to go for any of my journal-less OCs from the AIMRP stuff (Auster, Kyron, Yuki, etc) as well. I'll just use this journal to respond for them P:
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hahaha holy wow it feels like I haven't posted here in forever

Well, with personal stuff, anyway. Seems like every time I get sucked back into writing, keeping my LJ updated sort of shifts onto the backburner, and vice verse. urrrrrgh WELL I GUESS I COULD GO INTO DETAIL ABOUT ALL THE SHIT GOING ON IN MY LIFE RIGHT NOW but I've got like an hour left on this high-speed connection and I don't feel like using up the last of it here.

BUT I WILL MENTION THIS BECAUSE IDK IT MIGHT BE IMPORTANT? For the past month and the next two, I am officially home for the summer, which means the shittiest dial-up connection one could ever conceive is my only portal to this wonderful world of the internet. You guys remember how awful dial-up was, right? Yeah, try to imagine that, only twice as slow. This is my daily pain.

lol or something. whatev, I can deal; it just means that the only things I'm likely to show up on LJ for is RP-related stuff (outside of RP!S, because ahahaha all those images :'|). And also memes, like this one--


so shameless. /sob

also DAWN, LOTTA, ALL YOU GUYS, I PROMISE I'M NOT DELIBERATELY IGNORING YOU BY NOT COMING INTO CHAT OR ANYTHING I SWEARS ;A; Chatzilla is being really nasty to me and Mibbit won't load at home, hnnngh. If anyone needs or wants to get in contact with me until I figure that mess out, I've moved to a new AIM s/n (which I'm on pretty much the entire time I'm online), grandSolovey. sorry sorry sorry /sobs and orz's everywhere
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New journal layout, new default icon, new subtitle and blurb. I figured it was time for a change.

Dealt with some rageahol today, but despite all the stress I've had over the issue, it ultimately turned out to have a good end SO I'm movin' on. As for everything else since my last actual update:
⇁ I spent way too much effort on [ profile] strayedingly [ profile] tenacious_stray, and the AIM log post kind of ate my life for a few days, but at least they look nice now.
⇁ I got my hands on SoulSilver, and I'm having way too much fun just dinking around with all the little new things rather than actually trying to progress through the game.
⇁ I also got the new Lunar SSS update, though I haven't even touched it yet, l-lol. But the bromide cards are nice to look at.
These three PVs have all made me baw. Then this one made it all better. :D

I was also going to start that OC meme tonight, but I'm not really feeling it atm. Whenever I do start, I'll post two at once to make up for it or something.

Also, quick question to the f-list: how many of you guys are on Twitter? I find that I'm using it a lot more than LJ these days and even my Facebook, whoops, and I could always use more followers/people to follow. /shameless pimping
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note to self: never, never, do not ever run uphill on High Street, not even when the roads are clear-ish, not even when you feel like nothing can take you down. never again.


some thoughts. )

k, the verbosity from my IC mindset is startin' to wear off, and my lungs still hurt from that run. I think I might go to bed early tonight. uuuugh.
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WVU-Pitt basketball game was last night. I didn't go (lol class), but everyone's heard all about it.

What the fuck.

How did we go from being nationally commended for our classiness at the UConn football game to being looked down upon for shit like this? Way to go, guys.

Anyway, meme time! )
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Welp, I'd say it's about time I made a new post. Let's see, quick rundown of the past few weeks. )

And some other notes that come to mind. )

Also, one final message to all you ulti people/anyone else who might have recently friended me - I tend to do a lot of memes. Like, a lot. You have been warned.


Dec. 22nd, 2009 02:39 pm
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As others in my RPs may already know, I am pretty much disconnected from the internet at home until Verizon/Frontier decides to get off their asses and do something about the phone line. Sucks, but you get used to stuff like this, living out in the middle of nowhere. Oh, well.

Rusti came over for a few days, and that was pretty much a blast. Aside from dicking around in FFXII and Tales of the Abyss, I think we made the most of the weather. )

And in case I don't update again before then- I'll be leaving this Monday for the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville, FL and don't expect to be back until that Friday or Saturday. I am excited.
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Got the H1N1 vaccine today. They stuck something up my nose, and now everything tastes funny. I can't stop giggling for some reason, either. I hope this isn't a side effect.

At the very least, this time I paid zero dollars to have doctors stick something up my nose. This is a definite improvement over my last visit to the student health center.

And since I have no self-restraint, here's another meme.

Mr. R
slender man

More to be added as I feel like it. Maybe.


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