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The use of completely inappropriate cut text continues.

Title: Ascension (2/?)
Word count: 2,340
Warnings: brief allusion to sex?
Summary: Buer and Konrad both reflect on their respective situations.

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Posted previously on this journal, but now tweaked to fix some problematic phrasing and characterization (since Kyron is no longer a just-a-placeholder character).

Title: Ascension (1/?)
Word count: 3,348
Warnings: none for now
Summary: The Dark Regenerist's first day on his own.
Notes: semi-sequel to C728K.

Oliver Twist is my homeboy. )
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to post more of my (original) writings here. At least, the stuff that I've already done. Maybe with some crit I can get more motivation to actually finish things.

This is the first part of a story that is sort of a follow-up to C728K. I actually started writing this one first, and C728K came about due to the fact that I had no idea what the hell I was doing with Konrad's character. This installment still feels a bit rough in some spots, but I'm posting it anyway.

Ascension, pt. 1 )


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