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Title: Carried away.
Word count: 1,290
Warnings: strong language, allusion to sex, minor violence, and outright abuse of the italics tag. it's got everything!
Summary: Rookie mistakes in the criminal underworld can be costly—at least for those who make them.

The perks and payoff of her job made nights like this worth the trouble. Sometimes. )
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s-sorry. orz

The New, Improved Character Survey of Doom ~ Buer )
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Title: A revelation.
Word count: ~440
Warnings: idle gossip and some crass language?
Summary: A scene from older days in Orion. Sometimes, the truth hurts.

In retrospect, he never was the best at starting conversations. )
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The following can be found on Anchor's public information networks, via computer and/or di-comm.

WARNING: This information concerns an entity that poses an immense threat. )
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The New, Improved Character Survey of Doom ~ Kyron )
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Say something.
an open RP post.

Saw it on anontalk, figured I might as well give it a try. Aaand since I'm still on a roll for posting my writing stuff to this journal...

Title: Confessions
Word count: 2,840
Warnings: contains strong language and references to physical/sexual abuse and assault.
Summary: This is the room where, if all goes according to plan, history will be changed. If not, this might as well be their resting place.
Notes: Originally wrote this a couple years back to supplement both a story I've been working on and a forum RP campaign I was running at the time; it was intended to be the first in a multi-part series, but I've since lost track and forgotten what most of those parts were supposed to be (orz). Still, I'll keep the "I." on this one in case I ever do end up returning to the rest of it.

I. Right )
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Another IC letter, in pretty much exactly the same vein as this one (even with the same sender/addressee!). However, this one might actually have some bearing on stuff in AIMRP-land, so I apologize to anyone who might have no idea what's going on here. :D;;

To solely the Dark Regenerist, and no other... )
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Yes, I did another one. I've been slowly working on it over the past week or so, though I guess it's kind of fitting to finish it right after the last post in this journal.

I'm sorry. :'|

The New, Improved Character Survey of Doom ~ Artemis )
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Title: Counting Waves
Fandom: Kichiku Megane Crazy headcanon-verse that I can't seem to stop writing from, orz
Word count: ~1,500
Warnings: none in particular
Summary: Even cold Dian was wooed by Endymion's charm. For some maidens, love and trust comes a bit more easily.
Notes: I actually started writing this a few months ago, and just recently got an urge to actually finish it. HELP HELP, I CAN'T ESCAPE

Its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness. )
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Title: Tidal
Word count: ~2,400
Warnings: none in particular
Summary: Two Orion agents discover that godhood and wisdom are not mutually inclusive.
Notes: Probably none of this will make any sense to anyone who hasn't been following various IMRP shenanigans... and until I get those logs set up, that group includes like two or three other people. Uh. Sorry? :Da

All the immediate unknowns are better than knowing this tired and lonely fate. )


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